Welcome to Pan-system


"Business Bee" CXO Consultancy

  • Boosting the growht of SME's - "Business Bee" consept (TM).
  • "Start-Up Line-Up Scale-Up" Business Development Model.
    • Pipelining Sales, Products and Deliveries.
  • Linking strategy to actual operations and vice versa.

If your business needs stick of "Business Bee" - just contact us:

  • pekka.pitkanen@pansystem.fi


  • Value Creation by ...
    • Product Benefits and Product Management
    • Structurised and Optimised Delivery Operations.
    • Managed Sales Funnel.
  • "Hands-on" work and consultancy of projects and deliveries.
    • Customer projects
    • On-Site and Off-site
  • Management (+leadership) of organizations up to 80 persons.
    • Single Project
    • Project Portfolio (Program)
  • Domains.
    • Telecomm, Industrial Operations, Defense Systems and Devices
  • Products & Services.
    • Handheld devices, IT- and WEB-systems, Embedded Systems, Distributed Systems and Devices.
  • Footprint and culture experience: Japan, China, India and Europe